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Is egg laying equipment an advantage over plastic egg holders?

Date:2017-08-16 Hits:
For the egg holder, the impression may be in everyone's minds that pulp molding technology, egg laying equipment, and pulp trays are widely used because of their pollution-free properties. However, we can't limit our eyes to one place. In fact, there are some other similar products on the market, such as plastic egg tray.

So, what's the advantage of plastic egg holder and paper? The egg laying equipment expert will do the related analysis for you.

Plastic egg holder advantages in the following aspects:

1, raw materials producing areas, cheaper prices.

2, ecological plastic egg support process, mature technology, equipment is also better, buy, big choice.

3, diversification of processing methods, but individuals can also enterprise production, it is suitable for small entrepreneurs.

4, the use of environmentally friendly PP material is also a green product, environmental and human health without pollution.

5, with the same thickness between products compared to the hardness than paper - egg, good pressure resistance.

6, the product itself can be replaced, such as pulp products is a good alternative.

After you have a specialist to do the analysis for you, now you should be able to see the advantages of the plastic egg holder clearly. No matter what egg care equipment produces, as long as it's helpful to humans, it's a good product, so you don't have to dwell on any good problem. (explanation: must Shuo original, reprint please indicate)