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Why Bagasse Tableware Products Market Will Witness a Staggering Growth During 2018 – 2028

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Global Bagasse Tableware Products Market Overview:

Bagasse is the latest developed material for the production of tableware products. Bagasse is made up of renewable sugarcane pulp. These products are sturdy and versatile. Bagasse pulp process is similar to the other pulp production. It can be obtained from plants used in the manufacturing of paper after molding, pulping & drying section. Bagasse tableware products then go through sterilization and edge trimming process before packaging. Bagasse tableware products can handle a variety of hot & cold foods and are appropriate to keep in a microwave. Properties like water and grease resistant are possessed by bagasse tableware products. Compared with other raw material such as polyester, bagasse tableware products have better appearance, longer shelf life and is more environmentally friendly.

Global Bagasse Tableware Products Market Dynamics :

Rising consumer awareness towards biodegradable products is one of the major factor driving the bagasse tableware products globally. Robust design, easy to clean and gleaming look compared with its alternatives such as paper plates is also escalating the bagasse tableware products market. Recyclability and light weight are the other factors that are driving the market. Bagasse tableware products are sturdier than plastic plates which makes the market more attractive.  As bagasse tableware products offer more profit margin which makes it more preferable than paper plates which is driving the market. However, as compared to plastic plates, the price of bagasse tableware products are on the higher end.  The market in the Asia Pacific is projected to grow at healthy CAGR owing to the expansion of various food chains, an increasing number of restaurants and cafes.

Global Bagasse Tableware Products Market Segmentation : 

On the basis of product type, global bagasse tableware products can be segmented as: Bagasse Plates, Bagasse Bowls & Cups, Bagasse Meal Boxes, Bagasse Trays, Bagasse Lids; On the basis of dimension, global bagasse tableware products can be segmented as: Plate ( 7 inch plate, 9 inch mini plate, 11 inch plate), Bowl (180 ml bowl, 250 ml bowl), Trays (4 Compartment Tray, 5 Compartment Tray ), Lids (500 ml Lid, 750 ml Lid ), Containers ( 500 ml Containers, 750 ml Containers ); On the basis of application, global bagasse tableware products market can be segmented as: Household, Restaurant, Schools, Others.

Global Bagasse Tableware Products Market Regional Outlook : 

Geographically, the global bagasse tableware products market can be segmented based on the region like North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, MEA, APEJ & Japan. Europe and Asia Pacific region is expected to grow highest in terms of CAGR, as Europe is leading has strict regulations towards plastics usage and rising consumer awareness towards biodegradability will boost the market of bagasse tableware products. The Asia Pacific & North America region has a significant market share in the bagasse tableware products market followed by Europe.

As an important supplier in the pulp molding industry, BST uses its own research and development equipment to produce pulp molded products in a viable field. It can replace sugarcane bagasse as a raw material for disposable tableware. In addition,BST continues to innovate and produce high-quality equipment to help customers improve production efficiency, energy saving and create higher efficiency.

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