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What's the price of the egg support equipment?

Date:2017-08-16 Hits:
We live in a common egg tray products mainly is the egg tray, you buy the egg trays. In fact, this product can also be produced by individuals, because the price of the egg support equipment used in the production is not very high. (this means small processing equipment), so there are also many small businesses to do this.

Then, in terms of the industry, how much is the price of the egg care equipment?

The answer to this question is not too great dialogue, because the product is high, the price of its manufacturing equipment also has the distinction between high. Look at the relevant price categories:

1, small enterprises or individuals with egg support equipment prices: the current market average price of 3~5 million range. Mainly manual or second-hand semi-automatic machine, relatively simple, can only produce quality egg tray products in general. However, it is low cost, so it is suitable for small manufacturers to use, and occupy a certain market share.

2, large and medium-sized special egg support equipment prices: hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions. This equipment is generally automated, senior general is CNC automatic, as will the egg tray Seok mechanical and electrical equipment, belongs to the intelligent automatic type, and high efficiency, stable performance, product style, as long as you have a good idea of the mold design, this machine will bring a lot of a surprise for you.

The above said so much, in a word, if you want to enter the pulp industry, then you have to have a full understanding of the market, then we should also have a good plan for the positioning of their own enterprises in the future, and then choose the suitable for your device, because the egg tray equipment price level also determines your pre launch cost much, must not act blindly!