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The twenty-first China International Pulp & Paper Exhibition

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The twenty-first China international pulp and paper exhibition the exhibition exhibits covering the world's most advanced equipment and technology to China including papermaking, pulping and bleaching equipment and technology; paper and paperboard products; fillers, additives, specialty chemicals, coatings, pigments; wastewater pollution control, waste disposal system, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization technology the equipment, etc.; pulping and papermaking machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment, automation equipment and instrumentation; pumps and valves; paper packaging materials, special tools and products processing equipment, all kinds of paper packaging and printing equipment, paper packaging products and auxiliary materials; special paper products and paper machine equipment related equipment and accessories etc..

The twenty-first China international pulp, paper, forestry exhibition and conference will be held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center on September 2014, 15-17. Since its establishment in 1987, the exhibition has been taking the road of internationalization and specialization, combining with the resources and participation of Chinese and foreign paper making enterprises, and continuously developing and innovating to meet the needs of the rapidly developing Chinese paper industry. Over the years, China has maintained the paper industry and paper machinery equipment in the field of the first exhibition position. The exhibition is held annually in Beijing and Shanghai, and has become the most prestigious Conference on pulp and paper industry in asia.

In 2012, Shanghai paper exhibition attracted the major international and domestic well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition area of 12 thousand square meters. There are more than 300 manufacturers from 21 countries and regions worldwide to participate in this exhibition and more than 7300 professional audiences and buyers from all over the country and 52 other countries and regions.

Reasons for choosing the twenty-first China international pulp, paper, forestry exhibition and Conference (China Paper/China Forest 2013) in 2014:

China Paper brand exhibition founded by Claus in 1987, 2009 with the Swedish Adforum company Fenrui combination, common operation and management, has been successfully held the 20 session of the international famous brand exhibition, has a good reputation and the actual data after the show in the paper industry, the two organizers invite domestic and international paper exhibition experience, is a professional organization organization management of pulp and paper technology and equipment exhibition has 37000 paper-making industry database, domestic and international sales network of professional, good in communication English, domestic and international professional association of the huge society and media support, more than 20 participating countries and regions, from 60 countries and regions of the international visitors, is worthy of the name the exhibition.

Exhibits range:
Pulp and paper machinery equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment, automation equipment and instrumentation
Toilet paper machine, related equipment and fittings, environmental protection paper product, etc.
Pulp, paper and paperboard
Waste paper and waste paper utilization technology, equipment, etc.
Paper chemicals
New technology and equipment for environmental protection and comprehensive utilization
Other paper related products
Specialty paper equipment and products
(from: paper holder equipment manufacturer - Bi Shuo mechanical and electrical)